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Mandelli Destilaria
Refreshing summer alcoholic cocktail margarita with crushed ice and citrus fruits
Mandelli Destilaria
Image by Laure Noverraz
Premium Cachaça Carvalho Canadense Espírito do Brazil

Elegance and flavor!

Cachaça is a distillate with history, which was born with the first colonizers and which, for more than 500 years, has been improving.

Mandelli has the mission to show that this beautiful drink is highlighted in the world! Our intense quality control, associated with modern techniques, gave the cachaça a unique flavor and lightness, rarely found among the best-known distillates in the world!

Robinson Mandelli

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Espírito do Brazil silver cachaça

Perfect for the traditional Caipirinha

Cachaça Prata is stored for 12 months in stainless steel tanks. With the characteristics of Serra Gaúcha, it brings lightness, flavor and aromas that combine perfectly with citrus fruits and sweet and sour dishes.

Enjoy in your caipirinha or

pure with coconut water ice cubes.

Marble Surface

For smoother, velvety drinks

Cachaça Espírito do Brazil Jequitibá Rosa is rested in Jequitibá Rosa barrels. With notes of vanilla, a pronounced and pleasant aroma and flavor, Jequitibá Rosa eliminates the slight taste of sugarcane, reduces the acidity of the spirit, softens it, preserves the original aroma and flavor and maintains the color of the cachaça almost original, very clear.

Enjoy neat or in drinks.

Special silver cachaça Espírito do Brazil
Cachaça Blend Mandelli no copo

For those who appreciate the best of both worlds!

Canada has, in addition to its beauty, unique aromas. Mandelli presents the first Premium cachaça in Brazil aged in a barrel ofCanadian Oak

This very special and unique wood manages to combine the distinct flavor of American oak with the smoothness of French oak. Flavor shaped by the peculiar climate of  Canada, where the intense cold modifies the wood fibers, providing unique sensorial notes to the cachaça.

Enjoy pureor with ice.

autumn Leaves

For those who appreciate the best of both worlds!

The Canadian flag is recognized worldwide by the Maple leaf, this tree that produces a very sweet and tasty nectar, appreciated and idolized by everyone.

Mandelli celebrates this gift to the world through this beautiful leaf-shaped bottle and, of course, filled with the only cachaça aged in Canadian oak.

Welcome to the saveur!

Cópia de Brazil vs Canada, Canadian smoke flags placed side by side. Thick colored silky s
Cachaça Blend Brasil Canadá Premium Espírito do Brazil.png

Something sublime!

To seal the friendship between two countries, there is nothing better than a blend of Brazilian and Canadian wood. Three premium distillates forming something sublime. That's right! Amburana, Jequitibá-rosa  and Canadian oak.

If you want something unique, this cachaça cannot be missed!

Enjoy fresh or with ice.

Chama Abstract

Intense and striking flavor!

Aged in new barrels with medium toast, this delicious cachaça acquires the sweet flavor of amburana but with clear notes of cinnamon.

It can be taken cold after a meal or used in drinks and special dishes!

Long live our Brazilian woods!

Cachaça Espirito do Brazil Amburana Premium.jpg
fulgor abstrato
Cachaça Mandelli Amburana Ouro na Mesa.jpg

Slightly spicy and sweet!

Amburana Ouro cachaça  It is the ideal combination of premium amburana and our silver.

Accommodates a slightly spicy sweet, leaving the drinks different and with that taste of wanting more!

It can be enjoyed in drinks and cocktails, chilled or even in cooking to give it a different touch!

Cheers to flavor!

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RS 446, km 01. São Vendelino-RS

Tel: (51) 98035-8290

Obrigado pelo envio!

Discover the Distillery and Taste Our Special Cachaças!!

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