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About Mandelli

"Born from a vision, where traditions come together with technology to form unparalleled products. Each process follows superior quality standards, where research into better methods, both in terms of sugarcane cultivation and in the chosen equipment, has been since the beginning the main factor"

Robinson and Nicole Mandelli
Mandelli Distillery Marca_edited.png
Cane field


The Mandelli family, together with its collaborators, has the mission of showing the best of simple local people. All sugarcane is produced organically, all harvesting is done manually and the extraction time is less than 12 hours.


Considered a model distillery, we use our own technology, where production processes are carried out using software created in-house, properly modeled for better efficiency and quality. All sugarcane by-products are transformed into fertilizer, returning to the land and completing a sustainable cycle.

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Espírito do Brazil Fermentation Room.jpg
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