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The distillery emphasizes the family brand with the creation of new products. On the sugarcane side, the work of selecting sugarcane varieties continues, achieving high levels of health and productivity.

Investment in technology and quality are always a constant, guaranteeing a sublime product with a guarantee of origin.

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2022 - Launch of Mandelli Products

Mandelli products are introduced to the national market. The biggest highlight is the introduction of cachaça aged in Canadian oak. 

2021 - Mandelli Starts Operation

The start of operations included the help and training of the coordinator of the only higher education course in cachaça technology, Dr. Alexandre Santos, from the Federal Institute of North Minas Gerais. 

Their knowledge was incorporated and translated into the form of a control and automation system, developed in-house by the company's founders. 

Robinson and Kaléu no Alambique.jpg

2020 - Construction of the Distillery

      After a major engineering study covering production, flow, hygiene and technology, modifications to the existing building began and the construction of the extraction, fermentation and distillation area.

End of 2019 - Purchase of Mandelli Farm

         Located 9.7 km from the Distillery, in the municipality of Alto Feliz. All sugarcane production is proprietary and is done organically and sustainably..

An old century-old house completes the picturesque colonial landscape.

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