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Mandelli Premium Cachaça
Canadian Oak

The only cachaça aged in Canadian oak. This noble wood came from southern Ontario, Canada. Its unique climate modifies the structures of the wood fiber, leaving it with a shape between that of American and French oak. After being cut, the oak rests for two years in the open air to achieve a unique and peculiar cure.

Italian glass bottle: 700ml

Maple leaf bottle: 250ml

Alcohol content: 38%

Cachaça Premium Espírito do Brazil Carvalho Canadense.png
autumn Leaves

    The intense cold in Canada, associated with the strong summer are factors that shape the structure of the wood.

    The manufacture of the barrel takes special care so that the fibers are properly aligned for the best aging of the cachaça.

    This one first spends a year in stainless steel and then spends another year in new Canadian oak barrels.

Expert's Word:

Visual: The color is beautiful, shiny, well presentedof visual identity.

Tasting: Soft, fragrant, bright, low acidity. Very aromatic. Whiskey lactone present. Top color!

Dr. Alexandre Santos

Researcher and coordinator of the cachaça technology higher education course

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