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How did the Espírito do Brazil Distillery Idea come about?

Even though I have extensive training in the field of industrial automation, I have always been fascinated by the world of spirits, wines and beers. There is a unique magic in each process, each detail and each secret. As the father of three wonderful children, I always dreamed of having a family business that would make everyone proud. A detail that I was forgetting, I am a deep fan of a delicious caipirinha, however, one thing always bothered me; I couldn't understand why I sometimes had a little hangover or headache or even breath after a day of barbecue with caipirinha. Until then, in my short knowledge, all cachaças were the same!

Fig: Copper Alembic from Espírito do Brazil My lack of knowledge of cachaça continued until the moment when, living in Canada, I had to buy a cachaça because after all, I was thirsty! Who controls the alcohol commerce in the state of Ontario is the LCBO, there all products are properly tested and analyzed so that consumption is ensured. At that moment, I got to know the fine cachaça from alembic. We drank two bottles in a weekend in the form of caipirinhas and drinks. Everyone was happy and, the next day, everything was normal as if we hadn't drunk anything alcoholic. With that, my curiosity about the spirit exploded, taking me to my first course on the subject. From then on, I fell in love with the art of distillation. After having dragged my son Kaléu on a second course in Minas Gerais, I passed my fever and passion on to him as well. There have been many challenges and lessons learned so far and there are still many to come, however, we are sure that we are producing a unique and high quality product! On this journey, I had several teachers who ended up becoming great friends, such as the great master Arnaldo Ribeiro da Cana-Brasil, Dr. Silvio Ferreira, one of the greatest connoisseurs of sugarcane in Brazil and Dr. Alexandre Santos, coordinator of the only Brazilian cachaça technology undergraduate course in Minas Gerais. Very soon, I will be talking a little about Alambic and industrial cachaças. I'm Róbinson Mandelli, agricultural technician, alembic master and a big fan of the best of spirits: Our very Brazilian Cachaça de Alambique! A big thank you to all and until the next post.


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